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Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Materials and How to Use Them: Spruce Up Your Space

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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and cabinets are part and parcel of the functionality and, at best, style for the kitchen. But with so many options available, the search for the perfect material for the cabinets can get slightly overwhelming. Fear not—this blog will guide you through the latest trends in kitchen cabinet materials and how to use them to create your perfect kitchen!

Classic with a Twist: Wood

Wood never truly goes out of style, and that’s pretty easy to see why. It brings warmth, like a friend is there, adds some other type of subtle elegance, and seems to offer up some sort of timelessness to every kitchen it graces. Learn how to use wood with a modern look.

Waterproof Plywood

Due to its strength, sturdiness, and cost-effectiveness, plywood has come to be one of the most demanded materials for kitchen cabinets. So, go for added security from waterproof ply, like ,Gurjan ply which definitely never peels under humid and spill-prone conditions. Paint it deep green or go for a rich navy blue for an updated look.

Wood veneers will deliver the beauty of wood at a lesser cost. Light woods offer a feel of Scandinavian, with some clean lines; while dark and rich colors have the drama and statement that many other fashionable styles possess.

Modern Marvels: Engineered Wood

Engineered wood products are a perfect synthesis of functionality with affordability and hence find a place among the hottest picks of modern-day kitchens. Here, we take into account two such hot favorites:

High-Density Fiberboard (HDF)

Super-smooth material perfect for painted cabinets. Tip your hat to the minimalism trend with streamlined, handle-less cabinets in either classic, fresh white or current and chic charcoal gray.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

Because it is flexible, like HDF, it is laminated into practically any finish. Pair dark grey laminate with brushed gold hardware for an industrial glam effect.

Unexpected Hero: Stainless Steel

It is no longer used in professional kitchens, but now the material that is stainless steel is being used at home and the material is loved. Here are tips on how to use it.

Industrial Chic

Combine stainless steel cupboards with exposed brick walls and concrete countertops for the most raw, urban feel. Modern Mix: Balance the cool, metallic feel of stainless steel with warm wood accents on countertops or open shelving. Bonus Tip: Do not shy away from mix and matching the materials! For example, one may use the waterproof plywood for the base cabinets while using MDF coated with any colorful laminate for the upper cabinets, making sure there is some element of attraction. Of course, the ultimate decision of the best material for your cabinets depends on you and your style, budget, and lifestyle. Consider these hot options for the kitchen and make them work for your kitchen in a way that reflects your own individual taste!

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