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Get the most exciting share prices and set up your account in the football investment app to win the rewards

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A new way to enjoy football games at any time and from any location in the world has been developed by FootballXP. You can invest in your preferred football players with the FootballXP app without paying any additional fees. Right now, you may start earning with FootballXP’s €500 Bonus and leverage function The process is as follows:

Create a free FootballXP account using your computer or the FootballXP mobile app:

  • Set up a deposit
  • Choose your preferred football player
  • Purchase some of its value
  • You will benefit from your player’s value rising.

It’s that easy. You can leverage your football knowledge on FootballXP’s football investment app (platform) by purchasing a share of your favourite football players at a discounted price and later selling it for a higher price, or vice versa. You don’t have to wait a day to acquire or sell shares of your 86fb login stars because transactions happen instantly.

If the demand increases, the prices will also increase simultaneously and then the vice versa. On the app you can easily take the advantage of the right movement of the prices that are found and you can take on the profits.

For example, if Cristiano Ronaldo’s value is €60 million, each share value equals €6.You can earn real money by buying and selling shares on Football XP. Earn a bit extra or make it a real income. 

How will the prices fluctuate?

A football player’s share will cost more if there is more demand for it.

A football player’s share will cost less if there is less demand for it.

You can benefit from share price changes on the football investment app and earn money.

A football player worth €10 million is worth €1 per share on FootballXP.

For instance, if Cristiano Ronaldo is worth €60 million, then each share is worth €6. By purchasing and selling shares on FootballXP, you can make real money. Make it a side income or a real income. 


You can invest in the best platforms that are available. You will get to know about the best share prices and the way the people demand for it. The share prices also benefit the people and you can easily get to check on the real money. A football player can also bet on the shares that are present.

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