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Casper Ekart: Detailed Look into Ekart Logistics

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In the recent few years ecommerce has frequently grown a lot, their market boom has played a pivotal role in making different products more easily accessible to the consumers across the world. Due to the global shutdown, we have seen a major shift into the mentality of the people because people are preferring online shopping more. After seeing the latest surge on the ecommerce site, Flipkart has introduce a new portal for employees named as Casper Ekart. Get to know more details about the organization like features, how it works and many more. 

Overview of Casper Ekart

Casper E-kart is an ecommerce logistics platform, it helps online sellers, businesses and merchants with the delivery of the goods. It is managed by the employees designed various HR associated tasks and also enhances employee management, performance management and many more.

Know about Casper Ekart Logistics 

If you used to keep tracking ecommerce platforms and get updated by the latest trends, where to shop online. Then you might known about ekart logistics, if you are not aware of this term then let me tell you about this, it is an indian logistics and a supply chain that is well known for providing last mile delivery services to its online suppliers.

Flipkart is most well-known e-commerce organization in India and it has its headquarter in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Registration Process on Casper Ekart

According to our research, the registration process is followed by the HR (Human Resource) department of the organization. If you want further information about the process of registration, then please make a visit or contact directly to the HR department of Casper Ekart Logistics. Upon the visit of the premises you will receive information like username and password to get access to the website.

 Casper E-kart Login process

If you want to login in the website and get access. So, follow the given required steps to login your account at the casper e-kart:-

Casper Ekart Login Process
  • Step 1: Firstly, Open any browser from your device
  • Step 2: Make a visit to the official website, click on the given link below to login your account URL:- https://casper.ekartlogistics.com/
  • Step 3: After you click at the given link you will directly land to the login page, fill the required details that they have ask you too, like username and password
  • Step 4: Click on the given “login” button at the portal 

Now, you have successfully login to the portal.

Steps To Track Order On E-kart

If you want to track your package in casper ee-kart then, below given process will guide you to track ekart logistics using tracking i’d:

  • Visit e-kart’s official website through pre-installed web browser.
  • Here, enter your tracking i’d placed on the homepage.
  • After this, you will have option to view shipment details.
  • Moreover, you can see current location of package.
  • In this way, you will have opportunity to track package.

Features of Casper E-kart

We will discuss some features of Casper kart developed by Ekart logistics. So, Keep reading here we will discuss some features of ekart logistics:-

  1. Performance Management

The manager of the ekart logistics can set performance goals for their respective team members applying casper to monitor there progress. They also helps in lining up people performance with the overall organizational policies.

  1. Leave Management 

They also help the employees to apply for leave through this platform and keep track of their remaining balance. These steps help the individual to simplify, get the leave approval and also handle that the workforce is well managed and disciplined.

  1. Attendance Management 

They also keep the attendance track of the employees, which makes it easy to casper. Managers monitor the attendance records, maintain it efficiently and they can also generate important information for further analysis.

  1. Training Management

They also offer to access training materials for their employees and allow them to enhance the skills, creativity and knowledge. The manager can also monitor the training process through analysis.

So, we have discussed some detailed features of the Ekart logistics developed by the website.

Working of Casper Ekart Logistics

As we all well aware of that fact that Flipkart is the largest e-commerce organization in India and the services being provided by the Ekart logistics last-mile delivery services to its customers and who orders products online.

Let me tell you how it works.

  • At first, a customer places an order on the e-commerce platform after this the e-commerce platform processes the order and prepares it for the further journey.
  • Then the ekart delivery partner’s receive the packages from the platform’s warehouse, then the package is sorted at the distribution centers.
  • After this it is assigned to the nearest delivery partner for the delivery of the product, the delivery partner delivery the product directly to the given address.
  • Lastly and the final process the customers pay for their order through online method or cash-on-delivery. This how the Caspers Ekart Logistics works in delivering services.


Ekart logistics develops Casper Ekart, it is an ecommerce logistic platform which is used to help online sellers, businesses, merchants and many more. After seeing the latest surge in the ecoomerce market flipkart has introduced this portal to enhance the working skills, creativity and knowledge. They also introduce certain features such as leave management, performance management, training management and many more.


The information is provided in this article is fully based on our research for the informational purposes. Therefore we recommend our readers to rely on the information and details provided on the official website itself.


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